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In the 70s, the Christian church in the Philippines was going through a self-identification process. It was birthed through the waves of missionary initiatives from the West which basically transported the Gospel along with distinctly cultural add-ons.

Unwittingly, FEBC was part of the westernization of Philippine Christianity because of its English hymns and Gospel songs, American preachers and teachers, Western worship services and crusades, as well as radio dramas from the other side of the Pacific.

But the feeling was strong to find for itself a more contextualized expression of the Christian faith. This movement included hymnody. Almost all of the music in the churches up to that time was from Europe or America. And although attempts by the likes of Max Atienza, Celia Marcelo, Faustino Ruivivar and others, to translate some of them into Pilipino were laudable, these were sadly not enough.

In 1977, the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas (KBP) issued a directive to all radio networks to air original Pilipino music every hour. KBP also launched the Metro Manila Popular Music Festival, known as Metropop. On the surface, these were the result of the clamor from Filipino artists for support, but underneath was the search for a pop culture that was then rapidly being taken over by the Beetles, Bee Gees and Beach Boys. And yes, James Bond.

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As a noncommercial radio network, FEBC Philippines relies on God’s people to sustain the ministry through prayers and financial support.


Papuri! 21: The Composers / The composers for Papuri! 21 include:

Although unable to play any musical instrument, Third was able to

An all-time musical genius of his age, Mark Moses Valdellon uses

Kahlil is a seasoned composer involved in various projects in and

Growing up in a Christian home has provided a strong foundation

It may be an old composition he made way back in

In a world where trials and disappointments are common to all,

In 1994, Danny Estioco’s composition was part of the “Ika-anim na

If there’s someone who can fully attest to God’s miracle-working power,

Gerard originally composed the song “Laya” as his creative presentation for

This 24 year-old professional make-up artist and health wealth individual distributor

From being a freelance composer, musical scorer, arranger, jingle maker to

Jacob has been with Papuri! since he was four years old,

Papuri! Artists / artists who have been part of the Papuri! events include:

Jonathan grew up in a musically-inclined family. He started singing and

Ricky has been part of the Papuri! ministry since 1981. Among his

Arnel is an award-winning composer / arranger / producer / music

Jungee first joined Papuri! in 1980 with his song “Pintong Mahiwaga

Over the years, Dodjie has written a number of Papuri! classics.

Soc started his career as a songwriter in Papuri! 8 with

Event FAQS / find your answers

  1. The Papuri! Festival is open to all evangelical Christians, amateurs or professionals, regardless of age, sex or church affiliation.
  2. Every entrant is entitled to two (2) song entry only, whether he is the lyricist, the composer or both.
  3. The entry shall be in Pilipino, not lasting more than four (4) minutes in length, including the intro and extro music.
  4. The song may be recorded using one or more voices and instruments.
  5. Any theme or topic may apply as long as the message of the song is within a Gospel and scriptural context.
  6. Any musical style or genre may be applied.
  7. The entry must not have been recorded or printed publicly or released and distributed commercially in any medium in the Philippines or elsewhere.
  1. The entry must be recorded as an MP3 file format and the lyrics should be submitted as a PDF file. These are to be uploaded on the Papuri! website (
  2. No entry maybe recorded in any of the studios of the Far East Broadcasting Company, Phils.
  3. All entries must be accompanied by a Papuri! Entry form filled out and signed by the entrant or his representative.
  4. All winning entries, including those for radio production, become the property of Papuri! (Copyright license owner). Ownership of the compositions shall mean sole discretion on the use of the composition; the composer shall receive due credits, royalties and fees.
  5. Papuri! reserves the right to make improvements on any winning composition in the music and/or the words.
  6. The decision of the screening committee is final; however, Papuri! reserves the right to recall any winning entry in violation of the above rules.
  1. LYRICS AND MESSAGE 40% - Depth of poetry, faithfulness to biblical teaching.
  2. MUSIC 40% - Originality, beauty of melody, appropriateness to the message.
  3. OVERALL IMPACT 20% - The effect of the lyrics and music to the listener.

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